While silver fillings are still used and have a great place in dentistry, Dr. Steidl loves to make fillings “invisible”.  We will always give our patients the choice of how they would like us to restore their teeth.  We want Continue reading



Bleaching of your teeth is a wonderful service and something many patients can benefit from.  There are many options of how to best whiten your teeth.  Dr Steidl feels the best way to have long term success and prevent sensitivity Continue reading

Cosmetic dentistry


Dentistry has come a long way in the last few decades.  We can now predictably improve the look and function of your smile.  Sometimes being a cosmetic dentist is as easy as a slight adjustment to the contours of your Continue reading



Prevention is and should be the main focus for any dental office.  With patient education and a strong emphasis on routine cleanings and exams we hope to avoid any oral health problems. Educating patients is also key.  Dr Steidl likes Continue reading



Sometimes a tooth has had too much filling material or is too broken down or weak for another filling.  In this case a dental crown is recommended.  A crown completely covers all tooth structure and provides strength and support for Continue reading